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anu_mugAnu Anand is a freelance multi-media reporter based in New Delhi, India. For 18 years, she’s covered the international news for the BBC as a presenter and reporter. She has also worked for APTN, the Guardian, the Christian Science Monitor, Al Jazeera English and Deutsche Welle.

Print/radio/TV assignments accepted. Please contact me for details.

Anu was born in Kashmir, but grew up in a motel in Tennessee. Her career in journalism began at United Press International in New Delhi, where she earned one rupee per word. She broke both American and Indian taboos when she married an Englishman, who arrived at their wedding on an elephant.

After discovering that the British do not speak American English, Anu joined the BBC World Service, hoping to polish up her language skills. She particularly enjoyed having her pronunciation of words such as ‘aluminum’, ‘laboratory’ and ‘tomato’ corrected by her British colleagues. She’s now escaped back to India with her husband, Tarquin Hall, who apart from needing a tan, is the author of the Vish Puri mysteries; and her children, for whom she has already arranged marriages.