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  • In Shimla, the city of Indian Summers, the Raj’s colonial legacy lives on

    April 10, 2015 ShimlaA hotbed of political, social and romantic intrigue set amid rolling hills, no place encapsulates the global ambitions as well as the parochial desires of the Raj better than Shimla. Modern-day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma and Sri Lanka were governed from Shimla amid a whirl of colonial picnics, garden fetes, balls, plays, hunts, cocktail parties, races, ...
  • Blood for sale- India’s illegal ‘red’ market

    February 5, 2015 Alok Kumar, 8, contracted Hepatitis C from a tainted blood transfusion. Thousands of Indian patients contract HIV and hepatitis from transfusions as blood in short supply and often relies on professional donors.We find the blood tout, Rajesh, sitting on a tattered blanket next to a stall drinking milky tea from a flimsy plastic cup as monkeys traverse electrical lines overhead. Posing as the relatives of an accident victim, we tell him we need three units of blood. “Three thousand rupees ($48; £30) per donor,” Rajesh says. “I’ll ...

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The Supreme Court in India has ruled that the sale of acid needs to be regulated, to reduce attacks against women. One of the people who campaigned for stricter rules was Laxmi, who was attacked with acid after refusing a marriage proposal. Al Jazeera’s Anu Anand reports from New Delhi. *This report contains pictures that some viewers might find disturbing.*